NUX was established in the window of China's reform and opening up - the Shenzhen special economic zone in 2005. Our products are: metronome, music school, the beat - school audio converter, accordatura device, digital drums, effects, pickup, sustain pedal.

Our trademarks: Cherub, Musedo, nuX.
Our aim is: close to the music, close to science, close to you and me!

Science and technology innovation is the source of our development, we have never stopped and will never stop innovation, we launch every new product, will have extraordinary scientific and technological strength and unique. We are for your service, we do every day of the work, are more scientific and more convenient for you to learn music, in order to you more easily grasp the true meaning of music, in order to better enjoy the music. We are global, but we will always be based on China, and grow together with china.

Development History:

  • January 1997 The world’s first patent for the Vertical Beat Display invention came out.
  • April 1999 The world’s first Vertical Beat Display Microcomputer Metronome WSM-200 came into the world.
  • July 1999 Cherub was awarded the title “Private Scientific and Technological Enterprises” by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau.
  • July 2000 Cherub was approved as Nanshan Dsitrict Science and Technology Venture Service Center Incubating Enterprise by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau.
  • September 2001 The world’s first Special Tuners WST-500 Series for various instruments (including Guitar, Violin, Guzheng, Erhu, Yangqin etc.) were born.
  • October 2002 The original 3-in-1 metro-tuner WMT-555C with metronome, tuner and tone generator came into the world.
  • June 2003 The thinnest tuner WST-510C came out.
  • December 2005 Cherub was awarded “Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise” by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau.
  • March 2006 Chinese first Multi Digital Guitar Effect NUX-07 which uses our TS/AC (True Simulation of Analogue Circuits) technology came out.
  • July 2006 Chinese first intelligent beat trainer D-81 “Practice Pad” came out, which can test the beat dynamics.
  • November 2006 Cherub passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification.
  • December 2006 The world’s first Intonation Trainer WMT-568T came out.
  • March 2007 Cherub turned into an executive director of the Association of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises.
  • July 2008 NUX first Digital Guitar Amplifier Mighty 15 came out.
  • December 2008 Cherub was identified as National High-tech Enterprise.
  • May 2009 The Clip-On tuner WST-623 of Chromatic, Just Intonation and Five Tone Cadence came out.
  • July 2009 Chinese first Digital Drum Pad DP-1008 with 6 velocity-sensitive drum pads came out.
  • January 2010 Chinese first Portable Guitar Effect PG-1 came out.
  • April 2010 Cherub turned into the first company attained the BSCI Certification in the same industry in domestic.
  • August 2010 The world’s first Multi-Effects Processor MFX-10 with TFT display came out.
  • September 2011 The world’s first Guzheng Wrench Tuner WST-600B came out.
  • October 2011 The first iPhone tuner software in China StrumtuneTM came out.
  • November 2011 The first string tuning pedal in China NUX Strum Tuner came out.
  • October 2012 NUX digital drum kits DM-3 and DM-5 came out.
  • January 2013 The original auto-on non-buttons clip tuner WST-630 and WST-640 series came out.
  • June 2013 Cherub Zhuhai High-tech Park officially put into use.
  • October 2013 NUX first professional audio interface Proflex series and new digital multi-effects MG-20 came out.
  • January 2014 Cherub annual significant product drum tuner DT-10 launched.
  • October 2014 The first Guzheng Infrared Tuner WST-700B came out.
  • January 2015 The world’s first Infrared Drum Tuner DT-20 and Polyphonic Clip-on Guitar Tuner * WST-930 came out.
  • Our story to be continued…

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