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14-09-2021  |   Events  |   Seminar & Workshop
Dear Piano Lovers,House of Piano and Steinway & Sons proudly present Steinway Enrichment Session "Life as a Jazz Musician” with Nial Djuliarso, M.Mus., A.D.Nial was born in Jakarta in 1981. He started playing classical piano at the age three and was surrounded by jazz music at his home from very early on with a bass player as a father. He went to the USA and graduated from high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Chattanooga he played frequently...

08-09-2021  |   Events  |   Concert
House of Piano and Steinway & Sons proudly support “Amadeus" by Jakarta Concert Orchestra with Conductor, Avip Priatna which will feature our Young Steinway Artist, Jonathan Kuo and Young Soprano, Jessica Januar.Jakarta Concert Orchestra will present a concert by another composer from the First Viennese School, namely Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Young Steinway Artist, Jonathan Kuo, a pianist who has won various piano competitions both natio...

06-09-2021  |   Events  |   Concert
Dear Piano Lovers,House of Piano proudly presents Steinway Concert Series Sri Hanuraga "The Hermenutics of Sound'.Hermeneutics, in general terms is the art of interpretation. Interpretation of sound focuses in large on the acoustical properties of the sound. By changing the emotional descriptor of a sound, the perception in terms of level sound will change.Sri Hanuraga was born in Jakarta on December 24th 1985. At the age of seventeen, he ha...

27-08-2021  |   Events  |   In-Store Event
Dear House of Piano Lovers,Sebagai bentuk terima kasih dan apresiasi kami kepada seluruh followers atas seluruh dukungannya yang telah diberikan selama ini, House of Piano melaksanakan program Giveaway yang akan berlangsung pada tanggal 20 Agustus hingga 30 September 2021. Menangkan pilihan hadiah berupa:1 unit Gitar Hoffman HF 100E beserta 1 buah Pick Gitar D'Addario Beattles dan 1 unit senar Gitar Rotosound Tru Bronze.atau1 unit Biola K...

16-08-2021  |   News  |   Music: The Story, Makers, & Players
HammersIn creating the finest pianos in the world, Kayserburg developed the PR2.0 hammer design using imported German felt that is formed over select hardwood cores and then fastened to the cores with t-shaped steel wires for the maximum resilience and structural integrity. Improved hammer shanks adopt the grand piano concept for the ultimate balancing while each hammer requires a minimum of five inspections to earn quality contr...