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Novus Sonatina No 10 220088ISYPC2022 CLAIRE NICOLE LIN Area 6
Talentum C No 16 220220ISYPC2022 THOMAS EOWYN GONDOKUSUMO Area 6
Talentum C No 09 220033ISYPC2022 NAYLA ARIFA SALWA Area 3
Novus Sonatina No 9 220091ISYPC2022 JESSLYN IVANKA WU Area 6
Talentum B No 17 220064ISYPC2022 Ren Hyunki Ang Area 6
Talentum B No 16 220159ISYPC2022 REGINA PRESLEY ZHANG Area 7
Talentum B No 15 220031ISYPC2022 Zoe Augusto Pook Area 5
Talentum B No 14 220087ISYPC2022 CLAIRE NICOLE LIN Area 6
Talentum B No 13 220001ISYPC2022 ELZER OTHNIEL TJIO Area 6