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Pearl. Who we are.

History and Philosophy
Pearl Musical Instrument Company is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in professional musical instruments, specifically percussion instruments and flutes. With world headquarters located in Chiba, Japan, Pearl has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China, and the United States and distributes products to most countries throughout the world.

Pearl began in 1946, founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa in a small backyard workshop in Sumida-ku Tokyo. Katsumi produced music stands for the local Japanese market, and as his reputation for quality and craftsmanship grew, he was soon urged to supply drums. Searching for a name synonymous with lasting value and prestige, Katsumi chose to name his company Pearl. From these humble beginnings, Pearl has grown to become the iconic global leader it is today. Pearl products have been loved and played by millions of musicians in every genre of music imaginable. From beginner to working professional to some of the most recognizable recording artists and live performers the world over, now seven decades later, Pearl instruments continue to remain faithful to Katsumi's original vision of value and prestige.

In 1968, Pearl expanded production beyond percussion instruments and opened a handcrafted flute manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Chiba, Japan. Pearl now has two locations for flute manufacturing, and Pearl Flutes has grown worldwide to become highly praised by beginners, educators, and professional players for their beautiful tone and exacting craftsmanship.

Pearl's mission is to "Make and deliver superior quality musical instruments designed for the times to enrich the world with great music." To fulfill this mission, Pearl has established a vast network of manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, and distribution footprints around the world.

Pearl employs over 650 globally, including employees in Japan, the United States, Europe, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Pearl listens, and as a "Total Percussion" brand, we create instruments to meet many musical needs, including drum sets, marching and concert percussion, Latin and World percussion, electronic percussion, and many others. Pearl is committed to making instruments of outstanding value that empower musicians to enjoy the many life benefits of creating music.

We care for every musician's needs and deliver unrivaled instruments developed from innovative research and development combined with world-class craftsmanship to meet those needs.

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