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Steinway Enrichment Session "The Technique of Memorization”

Dear Piano Lovers,

House of Piano and Steinway & Sons proudly present Steinway Enrichment Session "The Technique of Memorization” with Dr. Timothy Blair, a Steinway Artist from USA and an International Pedagogue.

“Memorization of pieces needs to be first in the learning process, not last!” – Dr Timothy Blair.

This webinar is dedicated to all level pianists and musicians. 

Not only for beginners, but also advance level musicians can gain many benefits from various memorization techniques during the process of learning, practices as well as for performances.

In this webinar, Dr Blair will discuss specific approach and teaching tools regarding this topic.

Dr Timothy Blair has been a Steinway Artist since 2001 and accomplished performing arts educator and scholar. He has served for 30 years in higher education, including 20 years at West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCU) as dean of the School of Music. Dr. Blair currently is  a Senior Partner and Distinguished Professor with Alexander & Buono International of New York, New York.    

Dedicated as a Steinway Artist, Dr Timothy Blair has been inducted into the Steinway Teacher Hall of Fame in New York on October 2021.

Don’t miss to join this inspirational event on Friday, 21st  January, 2022 at 20.00 WIB (GMT +7).

Register to receive the free invitation for this event on 0878 0021 8800 (WA) or fill the registration form below:

Thank you and see you in 21st January 2022, Piano Lovers!