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Tanglewood TWJF E

We have bound each model in vintage ivory ABS materials to provide the look of Bakelite from the 40’s, and though this won’t affect the sound, it certainly helps give provenance to the historic look our design team wished to capture, and to our mind, they have done a wonderful job.

We have both traditional acoustic models and stage ready electro acoustic versions available, all featuring the outstanding new Tanglewood Premium Plus Eq system as standard equipment.

The rich smoky charcoal stained finish we have christened “Smokestack Black“ and we hope, amongst the range you will be able to choose your own favourite!

SHAPE                      Orchestra

TOP                           Solid Cedar

BACK                         Amara/Spalt Mango

SIDES                         Amara

FINGERBOARD          Techwood

BRIDGE                      Techwood

STRINGS                    Elixir Nanoweb 12-53

ELECTRONICS            Fishman Presys

FINISH                       Natural Gloss

Full Specification      TWJFE

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