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M51 Concert Frame Pro-Portable Kelon - Xylophones


The Pro-Portable xylophone features Musser exclusive Kelon® bars which resist changes in temperature and humidity to maintain tonal quality and dynamic response. The 3.5- octave xylophone has silver powder coated seamless aluminum resonators.With excellent portability features, the xylophone adapts to any environment. Detachable resonators and folding aluminum legs on the wood concert frame make it easy to transport.

Octave Range 3.5 Octaves

Note Range F4 - C8

Standard Tuning A=442

Bar Material Kelon

Bar Graduation Non-Graduated

Resonators Aluminum

Resonator Shape Straight

Resonator Finish Silver Powder Coat

Frame Style Folding Aluminum Legs

Frame Finish Black Plexitone

Height Adjustable Frame 5 Position

Shallow Drop Covers Included

Pro Padded Cover Option M151XY

Lined Dust Cover Option M251XY

Optional Cases M146, Set of 3

Low End Width 30.5"

High End Width 11.5"

Length 53.5"

Height 32"-36"

Weight 100 lbs.

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