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MUAV30 3.0 ULTIMATE Vibe (no motor) - Vibraphones


The ULTIMATE series keyboards feature a brand new cart design and the same legendary Musser sound you’ve grown accustomed to. The ULTIMATE carts feature 1.5” steel tubing with a pneumatic strut height adjustment and an accessory rail that’s easily removable for indoor performances. Adjustable in length, the ULTIMATE carts are adaptable to fit any Musser or competitor keyboard with ease.

Multi-Speed Motor Available (add "M" to end of SKU)

Octave Range 3 Octaves

Note Range F3 - F6

Standard Tuning A = 442

Bar Material Aluminum

Bar Finish Black

Bar Graduation 1.5" - 2.25"

Resonators Aluminum

Resonator Shape Straight

Resonator Finish Charcoal Powder Coat

Frame Style 1.5" Square Steel

Frame Finish Matte Black

Drop Covers Included

OEM Mallets M235A

Low End Width 30"

High End Width 15.5"

Length 56"

Height 34"-44"

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