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Pearl River

What is Pearl River GP P9?

Pearl River is a range of fine instruments producing the ultimate in rich tone and responsive touch. By combining materials with a well-acknowledged design and technological expertise, the Pearl River Grand Piano P9 one of the best “baby grand” pianos. The wide – tail design of this piano gives the “belly” of the piano more tone, expanding the “sweet spot” where the bass tone is produced.



A musical instrument manufacturer with more than 60 years, Pearl River Piano is one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world. We have been designing, building and continuously perfecting fine pianos. Pearl River Piano is one of the best selling piano brands and has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Why must choose Pearl River GP P9?
The Grand Piano P9 is perfect instrument for small place but providing the sound of a bigger grand piano. Unlike many others piano, it comes standard with full sustenueto middle pedal.

When Pearl River Release?
In 1956, Pearl River manufacture and capable of producing over 100,000 pianos a year, then exports them to more than 80 countries. Today Pearl River pianos are manufactured under a wide range of brands and levels. Each of these series have similar sizes with different scale designs, materials and different sound. The Hallet & Davis line produced by Pearl River is the oldest United States piano name still in production.

Where can I buy the Pearl River GP P9?
You can find Pearl River Grand Piano GP P9 at our showroom, House of Piano which located at Dharmawangsa Square - The City Walk # 50-51, Ground 1st-3rd, Floor Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX, Jakarta 12160. Our showroom was established in 2005 with the concept that playing a music instrument brings more happiness than any other activities. It is absolutely essential to choose the right instrument for you and get the best quality possible. Through years, House of Piano has stayed committed to always sincerely giving our customers the best. You will find unmatched wide selections if instruments to choose and we determine to provide a world-class service for our customer satisfaction.

How to Buy The Pearl River GP P9?

: + 62-21-72788280

: + 62-818-0301-8800

: + 62-21-72788281


Height992 mm
Width1505 mm
Length1600 mm
Weight317 kg
ColorsEbony Polish, Mahogany Polish, White Polish
Ebony sharpsYes
Slow fallboardYes
HardwareGolden Color hinges & hardwares
StringsRöslau Strings, Made in Germany
HammerPearl River Hammers, felts Made in Japan
SoundboardAll Spruce Tapered Soundboard
ActionPearl River Action
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