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Ludwig Ultimate Marching Tenor Drums


Deeper all-maple shells, new hardware, and a new diagonal cut drive the tenors for the "Ultimate" in projection, tone, and durability.


Black (B), white (W), and silver (S) laminate finishes are integrated into the shell molding process, making them the most durable finish on the market.

Custom lacquer (L) finishes available via special order.


The redesigned aluminum casing includes a smaller profile and a 60% reduction in weight, all while maintaining the signature Ludwig look.

2.3mm steel hoops and 6mm steel key rods offer the best in durability and flash. All Ludwig Ultimate tenors ship pre-assembled.


The all-new aluminum casing and the FFLB tech- nology combine for a 4 pound weight reduction, making Ludwig Ultimate one of the lightest and most durable tenor sets on the market.


6-ply, 100% North American Maple. Maple shells offer a high level of sensitivity, a dynamic tuning range, and a sharp attack, making them the perfect fit for the marching arts.


Each tenor bearing edge is a 45-degree inner cut with a 1/8" radius round over. This edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman’s touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch to complete the unmistakable Ludwig sound.


To increase stability throughout the drum, all Ludwig Ultimate shells are produced using our exclusive Radio Frequency Shell Technology. Utilizing our original bladder molds and a specialized adhesive, the RFST process allows the shell to cure evenly across the entire surface. This is a principal ingredient in creating the Ludwig sound.


A 5-ply, 1.5" wide maple reinforcement ring adds superior support and shape integrity to the shell.

Tenor Configurations

LUMT8023PX Quad 8"/10"/12"/13" 22.3 lbs

LUMT0234PX Quad 10"/12"/13"/14" 25.9 lbs

LUMT68023PX Quint 6"/8"/10"/12"/13" 25 lbs

LUMT60234PX Quint 6"/10"/12"/13"/14" 28.6 lbs

LUMT660234PX Sextet 6"/6"/10"/12"/13"/14" 31.4 lbs

LUMT680234PX Sextet 6"/8"/10"/12"/13"/14" 32.4 lbs

Individual Drum Sizes

6x6" Flat Cut

7x8" Flat Cut

9x8" Angle Cut

10x10" Angle Cut

11.5x12" Angle Cut

12.5x13" Angle Cut

13x14" Angle Cut

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