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Rodgers Infinity Series 361



Powerful, expressive, and uplifting. From leading congregational singing to captivating concert hall audiences, Infinity Series organs with Rodgers’ Natural Pipe Realism™ technology set the benchmark by which all other digital and pipe hybrid organs are judged. Featuring a wide range of tonal genres, exceptional musical expressiveness, and unmatched versatility, Infinity Series organs can fill even the largest church with the awe-inspiring power of authentic pipe organ sound.

The finely crafted consoles of Infinity Series organs are designed with the performer’s needs in mind. An extensive list of patented groundbreaking technology resides within the beautiful cabinets including Dimensional Sound Placement™, which projects sound along the same paths that pipe organ sound flows for brilliant spatial presence and multi-directional sound characteristics. Infinity Series organs also offer unmatched player controls including a full collection of customizable voices within the Library Access™ feature, our exclusive velocity-sensitive pedalboard, and numerous assignable controls for a truly customized performing experience. 

The Infinity Series 361 organ features 3 keyboard manuals with lighted or optional mechanical drawknobs. Rodgers’ unique high-resolution sampling process employs up to 8 microphones to record the authentic sound from legendary pipe organs across the country as well as around the world. The Infinity 361 also features built-in Bluetooth® technology for AirTurn™ hands-free page turning controlled by thumb or toe pistons for music displayed on mobile device. 

Pipe ready For total flexibility
All Infinity Series consoles are pipe-ready and easily pair with new or existing pipes. You’ll also enjoy enhanced control and flexibility with our Voice Palette™ system, which allows you to select digital and pipe voices individually for perfect ensemble balance.

  • 61 stops / 376 total voices
  • 61 primary voices
  • 135 Voice Palette™ voices
  • 121 Library pipe organ voices
  • 59 Library orchestral voices
  • Chimes and Zimbelstern

Organ Manuals
3 Manuals

Organ Controls

Control Type Options
Mechanical (optional) or lighted

General pistons

Divisional pistons
5 Great, 5 Swell, 5 Choir, 5 Solo, 5 Pedal

Toe pistons
24 configurable

19 plus 8 MIDI Controls; Bass, Melody Swell, Melody Choir, Melody Solo Couplers

4 plus Main Tremulant Alternate and Flute Tremulant Alternate

2 Expression, Crescendo

99 levels per piston

  • Dark Oak
  • Medium Oak
  • Light Oak

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