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PMTCC Tenor Drums


Championship CarbonCore

Used by today's top marching ensembles, Championship CarbonCore features a 6-ply Maple shell paired with an inner ply of Carbon Fiber for increased articulation and projection.

PMTCC Tenor Drums

Championship CarbonCore Tenors feature unique hybrid shells - 6 plies of Maple enhanced with an inner ply of ultra-light Carbon Fiber. The Maple promotes warmth and tone, while the Carbon Fiber boosts articulation and projection. CarbonCore Tenors sing with new life and cut like you've never heard before, all the way up to the 6" spock drums. Expressive, clear, and articulate across all drums throughout the entire dynamic range ...The Magic's Inside.

Championship CarbonCore Tenors are available in 2 basic outer configurations:




Spock drums are available in 6", 8", and 6"+8" configurations; see configuration chart below.

Polished Aluminum hardware is standard while Chrome hardware is available via special order.

CarbonCore drums come stock in a classy #103 Piano Black lacquer finish, perfect for any ensemble's color pallet.

For a vibrant scholastic finish, please see our Varsity Series Finish offerings below.

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