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PBDM Bass Drums


Championship Maple

Championship Maple is the classic Pearl marching sound, featuring a 6-ply Maple shell for a warm, resonant sound.

Championship Maple

PBDM Bass Drums

The Championship Bass Drums were designed with the same formula used to design the FFX snare drum and Championship tenors. 6 plies of 100% Maple shells offer maximum resonance and huge sub-frequency projection. To compliment the Maple shells. 2" wide 6 ply Maple Hoops are secured by extra wide claws for an evenly dispersed pressure for consistent tuning. Lightweight one-piece high strength aluminum castings and 6mm case-hardened tension bolts provide uncompromising strength and durability for years of high performance use.

Model Number

PBDM Series

Championship Maple Bass Drums are stocked in the following available wrap finishes:

#33 Pure White
#46 Midnight Black
#450 Silver Sparkle

PBDM Bass Drums are also available in #103 Piano Black lacquer to match your CarbonCore Snare and Tenors.

Sizes range from 14" to 32"

14"-28" = 14" depth
30"-32" = 16" depth

Polished Aluminum hardware is standard while Chrome hardware is available via special order.

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