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One standard stoplist
The Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A are high-quality digital organs that allow you to play dozens of international pipe organs. Both organs are equipped with a standard stoplist. The LiVE 2T-A features 44 stops, and the LiVE 3T-A has 52. However, there is something extraordinary about their stoplists...

Cross-section of international pipe organs
We developed the fixed stoplists based on a sophisticated cross-section of pipe organs from around the world. We analyzed the stoplists of dozens of international pipe organs and identified which stops occurred most frequently among these organs. These included stops such as the Principal 8’, the Flute 4’ and the Trumpet 8’. We gave these stops a place in the standard stoplist of the Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A, and you find their names on the illuminated stop tabs.

Dynamic stops
Although the stoplists of the Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A are physically static, they’re dynamic in their use. Behind the stoplists, dynamic stops are concealed. These stops change according to the pipe organ you’ve selected, and are always closely related to the stop indicated on the tab. For example, the Principal 8’ stop tab can represent both the Montre 8’ of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Greeley, Colorado, USA, and the Open Diapason 8’ of the Hill & Sons organ from the Holy Name Church in Manchester, England. When a stop tab is tapped, the display shows the original name of the stop on your selected pipe organ.

Authentic, professional recordings
On your Johannus LiVE 2T-A or 3T-A, you can upload sample sets for dozens of international pipe organs. These sample sets have been developed specifically for this purpose and are uploaded into the digital organ using a USB stick containing the authentic, professional recordings of a specific international pipe organ. The sample sets contain a large number of unique stops for each of the organs. Additionally, a number of selected stops from the extensive Johannus sample database have been added. As a result, each sample set for the Johannus LiVE 2T-A contains exactly 44 stops, and each sample set for the 3T-A contains exactly 52 stops. The majority of these stops come from the original pipe organ, the others are supplementary stops in the spirit of, and complementary to, the character of the selected pipe organ.

Innovative solution
Thanks to the dynamic stoplist, dozens of international pipe organs can be played using one standard stoplist. This technological innovation is one of the defining features of the Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A and helps us place the pipe organ within everyone’s reach.


Solo and orchestral voices-
SIS™ stop tabs
Authentic pipe organsMax 5
USB ports for uploading organs
Unique listening positions4


Height (excluding music desk)45.5 in
Height (including music desk)55.75 in
Width56.75 in
Depth (excluding pedal board)23.75 in
Depth (including pedal board)44 in
8 standard shades stained on oak
Music desk 
Broad Plexiglass music desk with built-in soundbar
Adjustable wooden deskoptional
Synthetic with ivory lookoptional
Synthetic with wooden core and ivory lookoptional
Wooden (ebony/oak) with wooden coreoptional
Swell shoe 
Wooden swell shoes3
Toe studs 
Chrome toe studs5
32-note raditating concave pedal board (AGO-standard) with dark upper keys
Bench with music spare
Bench with lift lidOptional
Adjustable benchOptional
External connections 
MIDI (IN, MOD-out, SEQ-out)
Aux-in (stereo mini-jack)
Aux-out (stereo mini-jack)
Headphones (stereo jack)


Audio controlDEA II
Audio system6.1
Surround channels2
Front audiochannels2
Near field sound bar channels2
Surround rear audio channelsOptional
Reverb system 
LIVEreverb II
Sampled Listening Positions
Output amplifiers 
Full-range amplifiers (10 Watt)2
Full-range amplifiers (80 Watt)4
Bass amplifier (170 Watt)1
Sound reproduction 
Headphones / Aux-outJohannus Pure Audio



Controllable functions 
0 (recall/cancel)
Menu (Johannus Menu)
Trans. (Transposer)
Vol. (Organ Volume)
Cf (Cantus Firmus)
Mb (Manual Bass)
Cr (Crescendo)
S/S (General Swell)
Cons. Front, Center, Rear (Listening Positions)
RO (Reeds Off)
Sub and Super couplers5
Setzer memory 
Memory Levels250 (50x5 organs)
General memory pistions8
Divisional memory pistions6
Presets (T + PL), programmable
Johannus Menu functions 
Reverb volume
Upload organ
Organ settings
System settings
Expression pedal 
PEPC™ (programmable expression pedal configuration)
General Crescendo (through PEPC™)
Bellows simulator
Authentic Tuning
Dynamic chiff
Virtual pipe Positioning™
3D Division Positioning™

 = standard  - = not possible
Disclaimer: organ pictures may show accessories that are not standard.

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