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Timpani Schnellar Romantic



With more than 40 years of experience as timpani makers, Adams is the world leader in timpani design and innovation. Available in 9 unique models ranging from timeless and vintage to modern quality and consistency.


Schnellar Romantic

Adams Schnellar Romantic timpani feature a kettle that is slightly more voluminous than the Schnellar Classical timpani and are perfectly suited to the late Classical, and early Romantic repertoire. Available with brass lacquered or nickel-plated base.

Inspired by Hans Schnellar's original salon timpani, owned by Marinus Komst, re-designed the base of the instrument and the crank-operation. The handmade bowls have a diameter of 600 and 660mm. The instruments come with Sonnberg goat skins. These goat parchments are made from rawhide and thus provide a richer variety of overtones. In addition, they have a very pronounced fundamental note, which gives the perfect bass foundation, especially for larger drums.

Hans Schnellar (1865-1945) began his career as solo timpanist with the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra. He was the guest timpanist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam for one year before becoming the solo timpanist with the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra until 1932.

Schnellar experimented with timpani making and produced many different types of drums. Many of his instruments are still being used today because of the instrument’s sound quality. Schnellar initiated the concept of pushing the kettle upwards instead of pulling the rim down to change head tension. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra has the only pair of original Schnellar pedal timpani, mentioned in the Berlioz/Strauss instrumentation book.

There was never any discussion about the outstanding sound quality of the original Schnellar timpani from the RCO. It’s well known that Bernhard Haitink completely fell in love with the instruments, and he is not the only conductor to do so. Although they still play the original Schnellars every now and then, Marinus Komst and Nick Woud, the two timpani players of the RCO, decided to work on the mechanical operation of the timpani. Over several years of collaboration, they worked closely with the engineers and timpani builders at Adams Musical Instruments to create a perfect replica of the original pedal timpani in the workshop at the Adams factory in Holland.

Inspired by Hans Schnellar’s classic design, Adams Schnellar Timpani feature modern innovations, production quality, and gorgeous finishes. Schnellar timpani feature a free-standing elliptical bowl without the customary support ring and struts—a unique combination that creates unparalleled sensitivity, projection, and response.

Model Number

PLSR Schnellar Romantic


Brass Laquer, Grey Powder Coat, High Gloss Nickel


Voluminous bowl design


Kurbel hand-crank tuning

Schnellar bowl-activated tuning system


Vienna Tuck Goat skin heads w/ direct attachment


23.6" (60cm), 26" (66cm)

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