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Timpani Philharmonic Light



With more than 40 years of experience as timpani makers, Adams is the world leader in timpani design and innovation. Available in 9 unique models ranging from timeless and vintage to modern quality and consistency.


Philharmonic Light

Adams Philharmonic Light Timpani represent the ultimate expression of quality in timpani sound and design. Philharmonic Light Timpani are in the classic European style with the most technologically advanced features and bowl designs ever developed.

Every Philharmonic Light bowl is made of the highest quality select copper and is drawn from one single piece without seams or soldering. Every detail of these superior bowls, from the shape of the lip, to the taper and depth, has been developed through years of research in conjunction with timpani virtuosos from around the world. The shape of the bowl, combined with the construction and design of the Philharmonic Light frame, produces a drum that will not distort or go sharp as the player increases volume and power. From a soft whisper to the loudest end of the dynamic spectrum, Adams Philharmonic Light Timpani project beautifully and are virtually impossible to overplay.

Model Number

PLCD Philharmonic Light


Hammered Copper, Cambered


Dresden-style or Berlin


T-handle fine tuner on player side


Chrome-plated counter hoops, tension rods & centering devices


Remo Renaissance heads with insert rings or Kalfo Calf heads


20”, 23”, 25”, 26”, 28”, 29”, 32”


Wooden head covers included, with padded head surface and leather tie-down straps

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