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KHC6 A112 Heritage Series


What is Kayserburg KHC6?

The Kayserburg KHC6 is hhe parabola design of the top edge of the arm combines fashion and simple concepts, which echoes the same arc on the extended section of the upper legs. The design of Kayserburg KHC6 inspired by pursuing the simple life by the new generation, which overall appearance are in an elegant style. 

 Become part of Pearl River, Kayserburg aim to compete with European standards piano. Made of German parts, Kayserburg attends with high precision, highest level of craftmanship, and all provides European sound and performance.

Why must choose Kayserburg KHC6?
Kayserburg KHC6 build with design and high quality materials, produces a refined, rounded tone and has a reliable and even keyboard touch. Excellent for any level of players.

When Kayserburg KHC6 Release?

In 2007, Pearl River launched Kayserburg as high-end brand piano. Kayserburg pianos are manufactured with the responsible use of natural resources indicated by Certification for compliance ISO9001 Management System Standards and ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Standards.

Where can I buy the Kayserburg KHC6?
House of Piano was established in 2005 with the concept that playing a music instrument brings more happiness than any other activities. It is absolutely essential to choose the right instrument for you and get the best quality possible. Through years, House of Piano has stayed committed to always sincerely giving our customers the best. You will find unmatched wide selections to choose from whether you are looking for piano, digital piano, organ, guitar, violin, other string instruments, marching band and orchestra instruments and also accessories. With Steinway & Sons Piano, Boston and Essex as our exclusive products which you could not find anywhere else, we determine to provide a world-class service for our customer satisfaction.
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How to Buy The Kayserburg KHC6?

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: + 62-818-0301-8800

: + 62-21-72788281









Full sized, direct blow

Action Material

Select Domestic Maple

Back Construction

Fine Spruce


Bench included


Cross-laminated hard Maple with cantilevered bass bridge


Domestic panel stock of the finest quality


Sand cast and fully machined with high gloss finish-full perimeter


Louis Renner Hammers - Made in Germany. T-Wired and waterproof


Exclusive Euro-designed Pine frame with expansion capacity


All made of Spruce, CNC processed in high accuracy


17 cross ply hard Maple-designed rigidity and superior holding power


All Spruce Tapered Soundboard


Roslau Strings - Made in Germany

Tuning Pins

Cut thread, Chromium plated

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